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In the spring of 2022 I graduated Grant MacEwan University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree were I majored in Philosophy and dual-minored in History and English. 

A year after graduating and I have just finished two full semesters with the U of A 's ATEP (Aboriginal Teaching Education Program).  I have one year remaining at the U of A before I will be teaching full-time in the fall of 2024.  That said, my goal afterwards is to work towards a Masters Degree in Native Studies which then allows me to work towards a Philosophy of Native Studies Doctorate Degree.


The reason I want to become a teacher is two-fold.  First, I have been working with children my whole life.  For over a decade now I have been volunteering for Vegreville Minor Soccer as a coach - and just recently I became Vice President for the organization!  During my time coaching I taught children of all ages between 9 through 19.  I too have spent a few years coaching hockey and 15 years refereeing it.  That said, I feel my love for becoming a teacher really solidified when I spent a summer as a camp counselor for Our Lady Queen of Peace.  During this summer I was assigned to watch 10 six-year old boys for a week at a time over several weeks.  It was truly one of the best experiences of my life as I was able to meet so many unique individuals! I feel that is why tutoring appeals to me as it grants me that opportunity again. Also, I am part owner of Vegreville Drivers Training with my father where we have been aiding people of all ages get their drivers license (or simply become safer drivers) in Vegreville and the surrounding area.

The second reason I want to become a teacher is because of what philosophy taught me.  Philosophy taught me the beauty of learning and how any topic of learning has its own intrinsic value.  To learn what it means to die, to love, to do good or bad and what all these words and actions mean and why they are important is awesome! While I know the practice of philosophy is not for everyone, the study methods it taught me translate across all disciplines of studies which allows me to relate to any student. In turn, the studying methods I teach students really aids towards them not just excelling in one area of study but throughout their entire studies.  That is because the goal of Billingsley Tutoring is not just to help students in areas they are having trouble with, but to also instill both the proper attitudes towards learning and the right study methods so that students can go on to excel even beyond school!


On top of tutoring on my own I am also tutoring with Oxford Learning Centre out of Sherwood Park. Thus, with my diverse educational background, years of experience teaching student various different skills, and my own personal love for education, I feel everything added together is why I’ve had so much success and why I’m an in-demand Tutor. If you feel I am able to help reach your educational goals please contact me today to find out how.

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